Beth LeBlanc of the Times Herald wrote an article February 26, 2016 about a 34 y/o Michigan woman, Elizabeth Long. Ms. Long was charged in the death of her 16 m/o son from an overdose on Benadryl.  The story was primarily about Ms. Long’s use of pain medications, however. Ms. Long’s testimony was about her chronic health problems and the medications she took. She even admitted to taking the family dog’s Tramadol and her mother-in-law’s Xanax. Over the course of her 4-yr treatment for back pain, she had been prescribed Norco, oxycodone, Xanax, Suboxone, Percocet, Lortab, Fentanyl, and morphine.

“At some point, when you’re on pain medication, your body turns against you and you become dependent,”

People that knew her described her as a “very, very good mother,” caring and compassionate.

So here we have at least 2 lives ruined by supposed drug abuse/addiction for problems that:

  1. Should not have happened in the first place (the drug addiction)
  2. Should have been treated with prolotherapy and been cured (the back pain)

It was obvious that she was abusing her medication when she admitted to her doctor that she took the dog’s tramadol and her mother-in-law’s Xanax.  Just being on Xanax is evidence of her possibly being luetic and in danger of becoming an addict. Her doctor, however, probably doesn’t know about prolotherapy for musculoskeletal pain, even though she is at a clinic filled with pain management specialists, physiatrists and neurosurgeons.  It would appear that the doctor did diagnose Ms. Long’s addiction, because at some point in her treatment, she was prescribed Suboxone. It is unclear if she was still on Suboxone and also getting the medications found in her system at the same time. Then she also stated she was on oxycodone, although that was not in her system when she was tested.

It is because of tragedies like this that I am producing this website.  People need to know that there are alternatives to conventional treatment. Conventional treatment does nothing for the problem, but causes even more problems even leading to death. People need to know what the real cause of drug abuse is, and that there is a possible cure. We need to stop tragedies like this from happening. But if medicine continues down the track it is going, and the government continues to blame the drugs for the problem and putting innocent people in prison, the problem will never get solved.