In preparation for this website going live, I reached out to the Virginia Board of Medicine to make sure that the information on this website would not be construed as treatment, as I am not currently licensed to practice medicine. IT IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY. Having already gone down the road of asking the government entities for help and being charged with a crime instead, I really didn’t think anything would come of this either, and it didn’t. But just to document for possible future reference for the public, here is that unproductive email conversation with William L. Harp, MD, Executive Director of the Virginia Board of Medicine. Keep in mind, this is the same person who traveled to Roanoke to be a government witness against me at my trial. At that time he was more than willing to state that my actions were “outside the course of professional practice”. He was considered an “expert witness”. So he should know the law as it pertains to what is considered “medical practice”.

My first email on March 4, 2016:

Dr. Harp,

As an innocent physician convicted through outrageous government conduct, I am requesting your review of my website.  I do not want the government, of which the Board of Medicine is part, to charge me with another crime that I am innocent of.  Being targeted multiple times, and with the Board of Medicine’s negative position in my case, I need confirmation that I will not be faced with more persecution.  I have a husband handicapped with CP and retinitis pigmentosa, and I do not want to spend any more of my life in prison for doing nothing illegal.

I am now an author. I have written two books to date. I am working on my book for the Seven Steps to Healing. In marketing this book, I am developing DVDs for sale, and have revamped my website as a marketing tool.  I AM NOT evaluating or treating anyone.  There are books on alternative treatments for diseases written by non-MD’s throughout the world. So I do not consider this website to be doing anything that could be considered illegal.  But I want the position of the Board of Medicine on record.  Am I doing anything improper on this website, or with the services I offer?

The website is still under construction.  You will find it at the following URL: (URL now expired)

Now I have already suffered as a result of the government not answering my questions, but targeting me instead.  I can’t help it if you are party to that. I can only do what I think is best, and hope that you believe in God’s justice.

So I would appreciate your reviewing my website and telling me if there is anything there that would be construed by the Board of Medicine as illegal.

Thank you,

Linda S. Cheek


Dr. Harp’s reply 1 hour later:

Dear Ms. Cheek:

Thank you for your message.

The position of the Board of Medicine is that it cannot review your material and offer a legal opinion. You may wish to review Chapters 24 and 29 of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia.

With kindest regards, William L. Harp, MD Executive Director Virginia Board of Medicine

I sent back the following message:

I’ve already perused the Code, and believe that I am not in any violation.  However, that hasn’t stopped the government from confabulating false charges in the past. So who would I go to if the Board of Medicine won’t answer my questions?

Linda Cheek


His reply:

Ms. Cheek:

You may wish to consult a private attorney who is familiar with health care law.


So, if there are any health care lawyers out there who think there is anything wrong with my expression of my first amendment rights of free speech by publishing this general knowledge on my website, please contact me. I am willing to do whatever I need to do, including shutting the website down, if I do not have that freedom of expression simply because of my education.

As this is an information website, not political, any further information on this problem can be found on my blog pertaining to the In-Justice Department,