The Alkaline Diet

The Three Most Important Health Factors You Have Control Of: Diet, Diet, and Diet. I can’t stress enough the importance of an alkaline diet. The standard American diet (SAD) is extremely acidifying. Acids must be neutralized. This removes your minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium which leads to pain disorders. Acidification creates stress and silent […]


Drink Pure Water to Cleanse the Body

First, in order to cleanse, you have to clean up the water you drink.  The purer the water you drink, the easier it is for the body to remove toxins from your cells.​ The best water for your body is reverse osmosis. During regular osmosis, the fluid is seeking a balance of ions and so […]


The Seven Steps to Healing

First, let me say at the beginning of this article that doctors and medicines do not heal.  God heals.  Each of us has a spiritual purpose.  If it is our spiritual purpose to heal, we will.  If there is a lesson to be learned in being sick, we will remain so.  The doctor’s job is […]

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