Bones and the Biome report from Medscape

The Link Between Our Microbiota and Rheumatologic Disease Bret S. Stetka, MD March 04, 2016 Here is an article on Medscape about the microbial world in our body and the link with disease.  Many of us have known about this for years. But conventional medicine has pooh-poohed the idea, claiming this knowledge is not “evidence-based”. They […]


Remove the Dysbiosis

Step 4 of the Seven Steps: Remove the Dysbiosis What is Dysbiosis?  Dysbiosis means “abnormal life”.  It refers to the bad bacteria, viruses and yeasts in the body.  The body should be colonized with beneficial bacteria as they help carry out necessary functions in the body, such as digestion. They also help protect the body from the […]

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