Remove the Dysbiosis

Step 4 of the Seven Steps: Remove the Dysbiosis What is Dysbiosis?  Dysbiosis means “abnormal life”.  It refers to the bad bacteria, viruses and yeasts in the body.  The body should be colonized with beneficial bacteria as they help carry out necessary functions in the body, such as digestion. They also help protect the body from the […]


Drink Pure Water to Cleanse the Body

First, in order to cleanse, you have to clean up the water you drink.  The purer the water you drink, the easier it is for the body to remove toxins from your cells.​ The best water for your body is reverse osmosis. During regular osmosis, the fluid is seeking a balance of ions and so […]


Changing the Paradigm

Pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong.  By following the Seven Steps to Healing—removing the roadblocks, giving the necessary nutrients, and cleansing the cells with remedies or energetic medicine, the body is usually able to heal itself and the pain resolves.  Pain is usually not caused by what conventional doctors tell […]

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