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Why Seroyal Products?

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Seroyal products are made in Europe. In America, products do not have to prove they contain what is written on the label.  FDA approval means absolutely nothing except that supposedly the product won’t be harmful.  Of course, that guarantee is based on what they know at the time.  Aspartame is FDA approved, and you might already know the truth about that. 

In Europe, alternative remedies are under much higher scrutiny, treated as if they were medicines.  The ingredients have to be pharmaceutical grade. Seroyal’s products are tested and proven to have what they say they have. In HMF Intensive, for example, if it states there are 18 billion organisms present, there are guaranteed that many at the end of the shelf life.  So a fresh product will have even more. American made products don’t have that stipulation, and could contain anything, or nothing at all.

Seroyal products are only sold through trained professionals, not stores. They have strict resale requirements. We follow Seroyal’s requirements for web service.  If you find products anywhere else that are cheaper, beware, and report them to Seroyal.

Although you might find products out there that are cheaper than Seroyal, what is more a waste of money than something that doesn’t help?  Seroyal products give you the biggest bang for your buck. They are the most energetically balanced products for the human body. What better investment is there?



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