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Steps 6-7: Restoring Enzyme Systems and Qi


EnzymeToxins in the body often block or damage the enzyme systems. Restoring the enzyme systems requires good nutrition. However, with the commercial farming and poor eating practices of most Americans, there is a lot missing from our diet.  Inadequate nutrition often causes deficiencies of trace elements needed for proper enzyme function. 


To replace nutrients lacking in the standard diet, the concerned person can do the following:

  1. Eat organic. The best vegetables are grown on healthy soil without chemicals such as fertilizers,organic-fi639x426 herbicides or pesticides. Organic fruits and vegetables might not look as “pretty” as those commercially grown, but beauty is as beauty does. Organic fruits and vegetables might be exposed to insects and other threats. Threats cause them stress. Stress causes them to produce good eicosanoids. Good eicosanoids are needed in your body to fight stress. So eating fruits and vegetables with healthy signs of stress is actually healthier for you than the bright, shiny, smooth-skinned commercial foods that have never been stressed.
  2. Eat home grown or small farm grown. A lot of trace elements are missing from our diet. This is because commercial farms continue to use the same land over and over. Eventually the soil is depleted of trace elements usually found in the food.
  3. Eat raw foods with every meal. Raw foods contain enzymes to help with digestion. When all of your foods are cooked or processed, the pancreas must then make the enzymes necessary for digestion. Over the course of time, our pancreases have tripled in size to accommodate for the amounts of enzymes that have to be made to digest our food. If you eat raw foods, the enzymes are present in the food, and less enzymes have to be made. If you don’t eat something raw with a meal, then use Bioenzymes, Bromelain Papain+, or Digest Plus, all Seroyal products which we will eventually carry.
  4. CHEW your food well and do not drink anything while eating. 
  5. Eat fresh garlic as often as possible.
  6. Include at least one serving of either steamed or raw greens a day.  This provides chlorophyll, a major heavy metal cleanser.  “A serving of greens per day keeps Alzheimer’s away.”
  7. Add 1-2 tsp. of organic apple cider vinegar to 6-8 ounces of water and drink 15-30 minutes before each meal.
  8. Daily bioavailable omega 3 fatty acids are available in flax, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds.  Add one tablespoon of fresh ground organic flax, pumpkin, sesame or sunflower seeds to cereals, shakes, stir-fries, rice or anything else you are eating.  For men, pumpkin seeds add a second purpose in being natural cleansers of the prostate gland, and are highly recommended over the other seeds.
  9. Alternate with the seeds, as a supplement, using GLA 130 (evening primrose oil) or GLA 90 (black currant oil), Seroyal products we should carry in the future.   
  10. PROBIOTICS – A strain of human form probiotics is an essential component to your regimen.  HMF IntensiveUse one of the HMF products daily, taken with meals after the apple cider vinegar cocktail.  Store in the refrigerator or freezer.  Research is now suggesting that this should be continued for several years for best results.
  11. Based on the person’s constitutional type and disease process, specific trace elements or organ support formulas can repair the damage. This additional evaluation needs to be done by a trained homeopathic/naturopathic physician.



energy fieldQi is the vital energy which makes up the universe. Qi is also the vital energy in the body. When stress occurs, qi is expended. When the qi is not restored or when the stress is continuous, the person’s qi can become deficient. When there is a deficiency of qi, the immune system cannot be revitalized and disease is eminent. Regular qigong is essential to a healthy system. Energy, or qi, can flow from one person to another. Health professionals are often deficient in qi because their patients continuously rob them of their qi. If they do not actively do something to restore their qi, they can become more susceptible to disease processes such as fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders.

Different people restore their qi in different manners. For some, it is exercise. For others, sports. Or it could be reading, prayer, meditation, or simply rest. Actively opening your mind to the restoration of qi can speed healing.

Qigong, or the study of qi through mindful exercise, is a tremendous way to speed healing. Patients who have done daily qigong have healed from chronic diseases in one-third the time it would ordinarily take without doing qigong. Laying on of hands is a form of qigong where the energy from one person transfers to another, allowing that person’s immune system and healing processes to be buffered.

For overall physical, mental and spiritual health…restore qi.

  • MOVEMENT – As another aid to circulation, we recommend that you move your muscles daily.  Walking, rebounding (mini trampoline), yoga, or Qigong are all excellent ideas.  Aerobic activity and stretching are also very helpful.
  • SLEEP – Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Every hour of sleep before 12:00 midnight is worth 2 hours after midnight. A good night’s sleep will also improve your memory and help balance your hormone system.  It has been suggested that up to 80% of females have a hormone imbalance.
  • PLAY – Do something FUN every day.  LAUGHTER is essential for stress management and a healthy heart.
  • TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE – for 10 days in the next month take your noontime temperature before lunch.  A low body temperature has been associated with a number of conditions including a weakened immune system and poor digestion.  It is a hallmark of toxicity and the absence of qi.  Without qi the body cannot cleanse and autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia develop.


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