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Steps 1-3 Identifying Toxins and Cleansing Organs


Consider that your body is like a bucket. The more toxins you pour in the quicker it will fill up. When it is filled up with toxins it cannot function. Cleansing is like punching holes in the bottom of the bucket. The amount of toxins that your body can eliminate is entirely dependent on the amount and size of the holes.  But if you pour more toxins into the bucket than you are letting out, it will still fill up, and you won’t see the positive effect of the cleansing.  So cutting back on the amount of toxins you put into the body is very important in the seven steps to healing.

  1. Drink only pure, alkaline water. First, you have to clean up the water you drink. Tap water is full of toxins. The chlorine kills the good bacteria in your body. Drugs, hormones, chemical wastes are all found in tap water at increasing levels. Inorganic minerals are present, but they are not absorbable by the body. The fewer particles in the water you drink, the easier it is for the body to remove toxins from your cells. Distilled water is dead because of the heating process. Many bottled waters are simply someone else’s tap water. Also, drinking out of plastic bottles should be avoided because of the toxins from the plastic and the environmental waste. The best water is produced by reverse osmosis by your own home system. The toxins in tap water are also damaging to your skin, one of the major organs of toxin absorption. A total home reverse osmosis system is the healthiest for you, but we must also be considerate of the planet as a whole. It takes 3 gallons of regular water to produce 1 gallon of pure water. So that is a lot of water “down the drain”. If economically feasible, a person could put a small unit on showers and sinks, thus protecting the body, but allow toilets to run regular water. If your shower/tub is not reverse osmosis, be sure to limit your showers. One to two times per week, less than 5 minutes, and using soap only where absolutely necessary will reduce exposure to toxins and prevent the killing of the good bacteria on your skin.
  2. Eliminate use of antiperspirants.  Antiperspirants contain aluminum. Aluminum is a heavy metal that is associated with neurological disorders and dementia. Body odor is evidence of the bad bacteria and yeasts living in and on the body, and an acidic environment. Use HMF and proper nutrition instead of masking the symptom. Natural deodorants are also available.
  3. Eliminate plastic containers from your kitchen.
  4. Do not:
    1. Store food in plastic. 
    2. Buy meats wrapped in plastic. 
    3. Drink from Styrofoam cups. 
    4. Microwave in plastic. Try to eliminate microwaving all together because the food’s molecular structure is changed.
  5. Avoid all conventional skin products and household cleansers. The skin is the second major organ for absorption of toxins. Avoid the room deodorizers that vaporize. 
  6. Avoid processed foods. The GI tract is the largest organ in the body for absorption of toxins.  Food needs to be as natural and whole as possible.  This will be covered more in a later step.



The most common blockage to healing is scars. Scars can be visible or invisible. The only way to eliminate scars is by energetic medicine such as auricular or acupuncture. If you do everything possible to heal through the other steps and find yourself not healing, there is probably a blockage and a scar is the most likely cause.

Conventional medicine will often perform surgeries that are really unnecessary for problems that can be fixed using alternative methods. All surgeries can create a scar that will block healing. Therefore, the person concerned with maintaining optimal health should examine the reasons and need for surgery very carefully before submitting to it.

In order to remove blockages to healing, you will have to be treated by an alternative medicine physician.  If you know of one in your area, especially one who does auricular medicine, please contact us with the name.  If you are an alternative physician, please contact us.  As we are simply a knowledge source, unable to practice medicine or be consulted by individuals, we want to create a list of available sources.



Primary cleansing organs:

  1. Liver (most important)
  2. Kidneys (second most important)
  3. Intestines
  4. Lungs

Secondary cleansing organs:

  1. Skin
  2. Mucous membranes

The easiest way to open the primary cleansing organs is with herbal remedies. Certain herbs, such as dandelion and milk thistle cleanse the liver. Dandelion and nettle are examples of herbs that cleanse the kidneys. A person could wildcraft (collect herbs from the wild), but that is very time-consuming, could be illegal unless you own the property, and the concentration of the active ingredients would not be consistent. A much better way is to take a trusted remedy from a reputable company. The company I recommend is Seroyal. The reasons why I recommend Seroyal products is discussed in WHY SEROYAL PRODUCTS.

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