Auricular Therapy

Auricular therapy
A Concept Involving Bioholography

“In order to discover things, one must be ignorant.  It is better to know nothing than to have certain fixed ideas in one’s mind, which are based on theories which one constantly tries to confirm.  A discovery is usually an unexpected connection which is not included in some theory.”                                                    Claude Bernard


Auricular therapy is an amazing science.  The concept auricular is based on is the hologram.  Every part of the body communicates with every other part.  This communication is either energetic or through the autonomic nervous system.  Every part of the gross anatomy can function as an energetic system for diagnosis and therapy.

There is a spot on the ear that corresponds to every other part of the body, and by stimulation of that spot, treatment can occur in other parts of the body.  Stimulation can be by pressure, acupuncture needles, or laser.  Other hologram-based sciences are reflexology (using the sole of the feet), iridology (iris of the eye), or palmistry (palm of the hand). The soles, palms and irises, however, are not conducive to treatment because of their sensitivity.  The auricle of the ear, however, is ideal for treatment because the nerve endings are far apart, therefore less sensitive.


History of Auricular Therapy

Auricular therapy was originally based upon the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture and found in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, 500BC. However, there are no meridian points in the auricle of the ear.  The Chinese used a few stray points for various functions, but there was no organization. Auricular was also used by the Egyptians and Persians. It is the basis of the earring, used by sailors in the eye point to improve vision for the sighting of land. 

The correspondence of specific parts of the body to specific parts of the ear was first developed in modern France in 1957 by Dr. Paul Nogier. When Dr. Nogier presented auricular to the world conference in the 1970’s, the Chinese adapted it quickly due to their knowledge of acupuncture.


Auricular Techniques

Auricular is done by two very different techniques. The easiest is to use a point finder. This is an electrical conductance meter that identifies points that are different in electrical conductance.  If the corresponding body part is out of symmetry, the point will have a different electrical conductance.  The practitioner then places a needle in that point.  Over the 20-minute session, the needling communicates with the part of the body that needs changing and change occurs. 

The other technique–and that which Dr. Nogier developed–is the use of special light filters.  The light filters are placed on the body.  This elicits an energy in the body which the practitioner can measure by the person’s pulse.  Energy is radiating out from the body.  By the use of a pointed object brought to the ear, the unbalanced point can be identified and treated, as in the Chinese form of acupuncture.  The extra that Nogier’s method gives us is the identification of blockages to healing in the body.  This can be something simple like a scar.  The scar can be internal as well as external.  Any surgery or cut can create an energetic blockage to healing.  With auricular therapy, the blockage can be treated, and healing can then occur. 


The Microsystem Theory

Auricular is one science based on the microsystem theory. Micro-systems act like holograms. Every microsystem has a holographic distribution of acupoints. Each small part of the holographic film contains not just an image of one small section of the picture, but integrates images from all parts of the picture. In the ear microsystem, the body is inverted as a fetus in the womb.

Pathology in an organ is indicated by distinct changes in the skin at the corresponding micro-system point. Localized skin changes may include increased tenderness on palpation, altered blood flow, elevated temperature, changes in electrodermal activity, or changes in skin color or texture. These changes initiate pain relief and healing effects in the same ways that the macro-system functions.

What can Auricular do?

Indications for auricular medicine are all pain, functional and lesional disturbances of organs and tissues and allergies. All allergies are caused by a dysbiosis. If you get rid of the bad organisms and change the environment to allow the right organisms to live, allergies will end. Auricular medicine helps increase circulation, clears toxic products, brings in nutrients, and heals disease.

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  1. Linda Cheek says:

    I have had personal experience with auricular. I was treated in 2000 for pain in my right hip at a seminar on acupuncture. Before auricular, my pain was 6/10. Immediately afterward the pain was 2/10, and within 2 days the pain had completely resolved. I also observed another person with an acute flame up of her rheumatoid arthritis. Before she could not move her arm at the elbow beyond 20 degrees. After treatment she had full movement.

    As a physician I used auricular. As a treatment for smoking, I found it to be exceptional. With one treatment, smokers no longer wanted or needed to smoke.

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