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The Alkaline Diet

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The Alkaline Diet

“If you have a good diet, of what use is a doctor? And if you don’t have a good diet, of what use is a doctor”

Conventional modern western medicine, with all its knowledge, does nothing to cure disease, only maintain it. That is because sickness care is the #1 economy of the United States. We have to start taking responsibility for our own health and stop thinking pills are the answer to our problems.

Over-acidity in the body is the basis for most disease. The body cannot get rid of toxins in an acidic environment. Therefore, toxins build up in the body, are stored in the cells, causing the tissues to break down. When they are no longer able to perform their function, the disease process is obvious. When the over-acidity in the body is eliminated through an alkaline diet, the body is able to detoxify, keeping the toxins out of the cells, the cellular metabolic pathways are healed, and the disease process is eliminated.



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Acidity is measured by a unit called pH. Without getting technical, pH is a scale from 0 to 14. 0 to 6 is acidic,  7 is neutral, and 8 to 14 is basic or alkaline.

What is the normal acid level for the body?  Just to show you how unhealthy change becomes the norm in our society, back in the early 1960’s I was taught that normal salivary pH was around 8. That is the optimal pH for amylase to work. pH paperNow the books say salivary pH should be around 7. There is no justification in lowering the normal pH. It was only done because as time progressed and our diet became more acidifying, it was reflected in the saliva and the medical professionals just took that as normal. But it isn’t. Today you should aim for a first morning salivary pH of 7.5 to 8.  Urinary pH is usually 1 point lower than salivary, because it is through the urine that the excess acids are excreted. Check your pH when you first wake up in the morning, and be consistent. Your pH will change during the day, as you digest your food.

Since acidity causes disease, and our western diet is much too acidifying, one of the keys to preventing and treating disease is to alkalinize the diet. Foods that alkalinize the body are vegetables and most fruits. The best chart of foods for effects on the body is found in the book “The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide” by Dr. Susan E. Brown and Larry Trivierti.

You don’t have to worry about making your diet too alkaline with food. The American diet has so many acidifying foods that it is virtually impossible to eliminate all acids. Also, necessary nutrients such as protein and essential fats are acidifying. Do NOT, however, try to alkalinize through the use of things like baking soda or other strong alkalis. The body is not designed to handle high alkalinization. It can get rid of excess acid through proper excretion. But over-alkalinization can be life-threatening.

In general, there are 6 major categories of foods that are important to give up entirely when there is a disease process going on, and then eat them very conservatively when you are in a healthy state. These are:

SugarsSugar in all forms, even artificial sweeteners.




Grains—wheat, rice, oats, barley.  Grains that are alkalinizing and okay to eat are quinoa, amaranthe and buckwheat.


Proteins are acidifying, especially red meats. You may eat poultry and fish in moderation.


Sugars (1)


Alcohol—all beer, wine and liquor should be avoided.



Dairy—all forms of milk, cheese, ice cream.  Soy milk is also acidifying, but is more healthful than dairy. Almond milk is alkalinizing and okay to drink.

Fats—animal fats, vegetable oil, canola oil. Olive oil is alkalinizing and okay to eat.



Learn how to juice fresh vegetables. The best are ones you raise yourself, then those bought locally at a farmer’s market, then those in the produce rack at the grocery store.  You should do a 24 hour juice fast one day per week. This alkalinizes the body, rests the pancreas, and provides trace minerals and other nutrients the body needs to mend and repair. Cancer patients should drink 1 quart of fresh juice daily, but without fasting. This has been known to cure even stage four cancers on its own.



It is very important to drink pure water (reverse osmosis is the best) every day as your primary fluid. The average person should consume 64 oz. (1 gallon) of water per day. There is a post specifically addressing water in the diet. Although most pure water is slightly acidifying, you can make it alkalinizing by adding a slice of fresh lemon.

That might sound strange that an acidic fruit like lemon or lime actually alkalinizes the body. Work on what foods do in the body is a new science. In the old days, they tested foods by burning them up in a crucible and checking the residue. But that does not take into consideration the pathways of digestion in the body. The best method to date is through computer analysis, as explained in Brown and Trivierti’s book. As they explain, fruits leave a residue of potassium, magnesium and calcium primarily, which are alkalinizing in the body. Other foods, like proteins, leave a residue composed of substances containing nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus, which are acidifying in the body. One fruit that scientists can’t agree on is the tomato. So the best thing to do is try them out and see what happens to your pH.

Drinks to avoid are:

Sugars (2)Soda/Pop/Soft drinks. It doesn’t matter what you call it, carbonated beverages are the absolute
worst thing you can put into your body. The pH is 3.4. They also contain sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals.

Coffee. It is acidifying and the caffeine creates anxiety and a desire for sugar. Decaf coffee is even worse for you.


Tea. Not quite as bad as coffee, but it is still acidifying and caffeinated.

Herbal teas you make yourself from herbs are okay.


All juices except unsweetened apple juice are acidifying, usually laden with sugar, and should be avoided.

Milk and all dairy products. Acidifying and contain antibiotics and possibly hormones.


Besides water,  there are a few beverages
that you can drink:



Teechino. An alkaline herbal coffee substitute made with dates, nuts, figs, carob and other fruit. It also contains inulin which helps with sugar metabolism.


Organic Apple Cider vinegar, with the mother. A very healthful drink, with books written on its health benefits. It is recommended to drink 1 teaspoon in 1 cup water 15 minutes before every meal to help with digestion and appetite.



Alkalinizing your diet doesn’t cost you anything financially. In fact, the elimination of convenience processed foods will probably save you money.  So this is one way in which you can follow the steps to healing without any additional cost.


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