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Steps 4-5 Removal of Dysbiosis and Toxins


Dysbiosis is the presence in the body of the wrong organisms including bacteria, yeasts and viruses. The real problem with dysbiosis is the environment that supports the organisms. That is why the environment must be corrected first. Then the correct organisms can live. The correct organisms are Lactobacillus acidophyllus and bifidus. The best replacement preparation is HMF, a human strain of these organisms, produced by Genestra in England and sold in America by Seroyal.

There are many different probiotics now being marketed and sold. You can buy probiotics at many conventional stores. However, many of the products you might be buying are not very effective for the following reasons:

1.   If you buy probiotics off the shelf, the organisms are probably dead, and therefore worthless.  Probiotics are bacteria. At room temperature they will live their life span, and die. Generally sitting at room temperature will decrease the live bacteria in the product to a negligible amount by the time it is purchased. Solution: only buy refrigerated probiotics.

2.   Probiotics in yogurt are from cows. Cows produce good bacteria in the milk for their calves.  Veterinarians know that probiotics are species specific—that is, horse probiotics works in horses, dog works in dogs, and cow works in cows. So why do we think cow will work in humans? Because this is alternative knowledge, and conventional doctors are not aware of the differences. Yes, there can be some benefit from the probiotics in yogurt if you eat it daily. But it will not colonize in the humans to continue propagation on its own.

3.   The amounts of probiotics in standard preparations are very small. Also, if produced in the USA, the claims on amounts do not have to be assayed and proven. Products made in Europe have to be tested, assayed, and true to their claims. HMF is measured in billions of organisms per dose, not the typical thousands that are in domestic products.

4.   To assist the HMF in colonizing the GI tract, you should also drink organic apple cider vinegar with each meal. Take 1 teaspoon in an 8 oz. glass of reverse osmosis water and drink 15 minutes before each meal. This will also treat GERD. Patient experience has been generally the absence of GERD symptoms within the first month of treatment.

5.   Remember that chlorine in tap water will kill the lactobacillus and other necessary good bacteria living in your GI tract.



This is the biggest and most important step for healing from a disease. Cleansing is the removal of toxins naturally, using the body’s only cleansing mechanisms. Detoxification is a term frequently used, but is different from cleansing. Detoxification forces the body to remove substances. Often more is removed than the body can tolerate. Often substances are removed in the process that the body needs. With detoxification there is often a “healing crisis” where the person feels tired or has other side effects. Cleansing is a slower, almost unnoticeable process where healing crises are usually avoided. There can, however, be side effects to cleansing. However, if any of the side effects are processes of elimination such as skin rash, diarrhea, or phlegm production, do not suppress the elimination. It was probably a suppression of elimination that set up the chronic disease you are now trying to treat. To heal, the body must work backwards in time, and recreate the problems that were first experienced in the formation of the disease. 

Toxins are best removed by homeopathic remedies specific for the condition or person and are identified by the miasm, constitutional type, and temperament. This requires a practitioner with knowledge of terrain homeopathy.   In the US however, we have become so toxic that it might help to start with select herbals such as Ichol or Ichol Plus and Saw Palmetto to effect a change before beginning homeopathics. If a person is healthy and simply trying to maintain their health, these simple, cheap but dependable remedies might be all you need.

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