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The Seven Steps to Healing


Health is like a bridge with optimal health the center line. Suboptimal health falls people on bridge2
between the center line and the edge. Disease is falling off the bridge. The closer to the edge, the more damage there is to the enzyme systems and natural defenses in  the body, and the more toxins are accumulated in the body. 


All disease is characterized by three processes:

  1. Excretion of toxins
  2. Deposition of toxins
  3. Degeneration by toxins



Think of the body as an aquarium, an ecosystem in balance. Aquarium 2

Think of what would happen to an aquarium if the filtration
system stopped working. Bacteria, viruses, and other parasites
are merely opportunistic inhabitants in a diseased environment. They are not the cause of disease, but the result.

The increased prevalence of disease today is caused by several factors:

    1. Absence of the proper microbacterial flora that supports a healthy  body.
    2. Toxins
      1. Autointoxication (toxins produced by the body)
        1. Stress
        2. Inadequate nutrition
        3. Failure to excrete
      2. Heterointoxication (poisoning from outside the body)
        i. Pollutants
        ii. Drugs
        iii. Food additives
    3. Loss of qi
    4. Autoimmune responses to toxins inside, on, or surrounding the cells.

The Seven Steps to Healing are:

  1. Identify and eliminate environmental toxicity.stairs with ball
  2. Identify blockages to self-healing.
  3. Open cleansing organs.
  4. Remove dysbiosis.
  5. Remove toxins.
  6. Restore the enzyme systems.
  7. Tonify qi.

The seven steps of healing is a treatment that can reverse of the disease process and bring the person back to a state of optimal health. Check your readiness to see if you are at a point in your life where you are ready to make changes in your lifestyle. Use the readiness for change scale below.  If you are ready, then begin. Any change for the better, no matter how small, can lengthen your life and give you better quality of life. Some of the steps require only your time.  The amount of money you put into the remedies is a limiting factor.  However, it is not necessary to do everything at one time.  The cleansing might take longer, but you will still succeed.  Just be patient. The remedies will be listed in order of some importance to achieve the greatest good in the shortest amount of time.  But one thing you have to understand.  Cleansing is a lifelong commitment.  Toxins are always entering the body.  Therefore, the body has to be able to remove them continuously.  It is human nature to fall away from programs after a while. But this is one program that you should understand from the beginning that you need to follow for the rest of your life. You can take breaks from certain remedies and have some dietary indiscretions, but try to always come back to the maintenance program. Listen to your body. When there is a sign of blockage of the cleansing organs (you will be able to recognize those signs), DO NOT slip back to treating the symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Instead, get right back on the program again, and get to the cause.



Principles of Healing

  • Stop contaminating the body, Start eliminating the contamination Go natural, not artificial.
  • Antibiotic means “against life”—take it literally Probiotic means “for life”.
  • The body knows best—Listen to it.
  • Restore your qi regularly.
  • Get in touch with your spirit. Ego is the antithesis of spirit.
  • Stress is the root of all disease.
  • Treat disease at the first stage–eliminate stress –eliminate acid

Medical Disclaimer The information presented here is not conventional thought. It is not meant to take the place of your regular physician. No experiments have been done to establish the validity of this treatment. Keep in mind, conventional treatment suppresses expression of toxicity. With the release of toxins, healing can produce some slightly undesirable reactions. Given the chance, the body will always work toward healing.

Readiness for Change scale:

To determine if you are ready to take the steps necessary to benefit from the program, ask yourself the following questions and rank your answers according to the 1-10 scale to the right:

Are you ready to:
1.  Implement specific strategies to help with lifestyle modifications.http://www.ahrq.gov/professionals/prevention-chronic-care/improve/community/obesity-toolkit/obtoolkit-tool14.html
2.  Eat 6 or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day.
3.  Avoid smoking, alcohol and illegal drug use.
4.  Minimize acidifying foods (meats, dairy, fats and oils, sugar, grains) in your diet.

After determining that you are ready to begin the program, use the scale to determine your level of confidence-to-change, with 1 being not very confident, 5 being somewhat confident, and 10 very confident.

If you are in the 8-10 category in both scales, you should succeed in making the necessary changes to cure any disease process.  If you are in the 4-7 category, you can still improve your health situation by doing what you can, and hopefully seeing positive change will move you into the more active category in time.  If you are in the 0-3 category, it is possible your spirit is not leading you to healing at the current time.  I would suggest you do what you feel comfortable doing, but don’t expect great change to take place. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is healing. It is a life process that must never stop.  But you can always start with what you are comfortable with, and grow over time.


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