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Our Services

Our services are education.

Forms of education available:

  1.  Webinars:

To be announced as they are scheduled.  If you would like to be notified of upcoming webinars, fill out the subscription form to the right.

2.  Seminars:

a. Skype: Long distance seminars can be conducted using skype.  A minimum of 6 people need to be present. This is to protect Ms. Cheek from being accused of practicing medicine without a license. One-on-one consults are not possible, as that could appear to be treatment.  But if a group of people are present, she can present topics in an education format.

b. In-person: Ms. Cheek is willing to travel anywhere to speak on any topic presented here. Currently, getting restarted in this endeavor, there will be no charge for services other than expenses. As her services become more sought after, prices could be added. So now is the best time to get signed on.

3. DVD’s
DVD’s will soon be available on the topics presented here.  If you are interested in being informed when they are available, fill out the subscription form to the right.
4. Newsletter
Regular newsletters will be sent on a monthly basis, or as needed when new information is pertinent.  If interested in receiving the newsletter, fill out the subscription form to the right.


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