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Need Healing?

What are you searching for?  FREEDOM FROM PAIN? HEALING?

You’ve come to the right place. But how do you know that? Possibly you’ve tried many things on your own already. How can you trust us? How do you choose what you need right now that will help you the most? How do you get the biggest bang for your buck? These are the questions you might be asking. In this brief introduction, we hope that you will learn to trust your spirit. You have been brought here for a purpose. 

It’s an obvious fact that conventional medicine doesn’t heal disease.  You’ve probably learned that yourself.  If you’re on medicines, you will probably stay on medicines, unless you follow the principles outlined here. But the bottom line is: YOU CAN HEAL!!

money fallingOur government just doesn’t want you to know that, because our economy is based on keeping people sick, feeding the hospital and Big Pharma industries and then hoping people will die before age 65. Do you want to be one of those people, or do you want to break free, be healthy and live a long, prosperous and healthy life?



As a physician, Linda Cheek put her life, freedom, and livelihood on the line for her patients, and for you. She has stood up to government attack not once, but twice. She is willing to do this because the message is so important. The result of the government attacks is that Linda is a felon and unlicensed as a physician. But, considering the government agenda in health care and pain management, that should give her more credibility, not less.
Felon With a Cause: Health Care

If someone is so sure of what she knows that she is willing to go to prison for people to learn from her knowledge, it must be real. One of the reasons the government attacks Linda is that she speaks the truth.  The government is not your friend. You must stop depending on them and take responsibiility for your own health.  Government programs, government handouts, government insurance, these are all ways they use to keep you right where you are.  Is that where you want to be, or

Do you want to be better?  

Do you want to be healthier?  

Do you want better for your family?

Then first, you must be healthy.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

Health = wealth





This message of healing has a purpose.  The first level of healing is spirit.  If you are destined to heal, you will find the way.  That’s why you are here now. The body can heal from anything, even diseases that conventional medicine says are not treatable.  If you eliminate environmental toxins, remove the roadblocks, restore the nutrients, remove the dysbiosis, and trigger the healing potential in your body with homeopathic instruction you can heal just about anything, even stage 4 cancers or fibromyalgia, a disease worse than cancer.  People are doing it all the time.
In your path of healing, you will need some direction.  The remedies recommended here are a start.  At the beginning of your healing journey, you do not need a specific physician consult. You can improve your health tremendously with just these few general suggestions. So delve into the healing information and get started to a NEW YOU!!
The following pages are an introduction to the concept of healing for specific diseases. These are not the only ones, however. Any chronic condition can be cured. More information on specific diseases can be found on the DVD’s soon available in the store. You can order them now, and they will be sent to you as soon as they are available. Also, you can schedule a skype seminar or join a webinar on these specific subjects as well.

So click the pages below to learn about healing specific diseases with the Seven Steps to Healing. Or, if you are ready to get started with the program, go directly to The Seven Steps to Healing.

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