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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the Seven Steps to Healing?
A: The Seven Steps to Healing are:

  1. Identify and eliminate environmental toxicity.
  2. Identify blockages to self-healing.
  3. Open cleansing organs.
  4. Remove dysbiosis.
  5. Remove toxins.
  6. Restore the enzyme systems.
  7. Tonify qi.


Q: Do you do the steps in order, finishing one before you start another?
A: NO!  You start all of the steps possible at the same time. The speed of healing depends on the speed of cleansing versus the continued intake of toxins into the step-by-step-fi406-238body. The only limit is working at the level you can afford financially. Working slower just means healing will take longer. But remember, it took you your lifetime to get where you’re at.  If it takes less time than that to bring about healing, you are experiencing the miracle of the body’s ability to heal itself.

Q: Why do you choose Seroyal products over others, especially those made in America? 
A: American products are not regulated as to content. European remedies are treated like medicines.  Seroyal’s products are pharmaceutical grade, tested and proven to have what they say they have. Seroyal is more interested in proper health, selling only through trained professionals, not stores. No longer able to practice medicine, in order to continue to sell Seroyal products Ms. Cheek received certification in nutrition.

Although you might find products out there that are cheaper than Seroyal, what is more a waste of money than something that doesn’t help?  Seroyal products give you the biggest bang for your buck.


Q: I’ve always used probiotics from a local natural pharmacy.  They seem to do fine for my digestion. Why should I change to HMF?
A: HMF is the only human form probiotic, originally coming from a human source. Probiotics are species-specific. Human form works best in humans. The probiotics sold in stores generally comes from cow source. It helps the digestive tract as long as it is being taken on a continuous basis. But it doesn’t colonize and carry on after consumption. It also doesn’t move outward through the body, helping destroy dysbiosis in other areas. For the biggest bang for the buck, HMF is the most cost-effective probiotic on the market.


Q: Can I consult you for individual treatment?
A:  No, we’re afraid not. The fact that Ms. Cheek has been targeted twice by the government for her treatment of patients makes her a possible target for any individual consultations because she is no longer licensed as a physician. Her certification in nutrition means that she can recommend dietary changes, but she won’t do that one-on-one, to prevent further outrageous government conduct.  But the good news is that means her time can be used more efficiently to bring this amazing treatment to more than one person at a time. She is available for group education through Skype, webinars, or in-person seminars, in homes, businesses, or convention centers.


Q: Do you know of any naturopathic physicians available in my area?
A:  No. This is an area extremely deficient on the internet. You can check with The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians at http://www.naturopathic.org/, but their list is very limited. You can google naturopathic physicians in your area.  If you find some, please send us their name and location through the contact box to the right so we can build a database to share with others.



If you have any unanswered questions or comments as to the helpfulness of the FAQ page, please put them in the box below.  Thank you.

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