The Link Between Our Microbiota and Rheumatologic Disease
Bret S. Stetka, MD
March 04, 2016

Here is an article on Medscape about the microbial world in our body and the link with disease.  Many of us have known about this for years. But conventional medicine has pooh-poohed the idea, claiming this knowledge is not “evidence-based”. They are finally coming around, but still don’t have the whole story.  Hopefully they will eventually get there. The Seven Steps to Healing, however, is a big picture of the whole story. Dysbiosis is a big part of the disease process, but not the only part.

If you are someone that requires the leadership of the conventional medical world before you accept new thinking, read this article. Then read the basis of the Seven Steps to Healing, and you will see how healing in the body takes place.

At the end of the article the following question is answered:

Medscape: Any final thoughts on the role of the microbiome and how it is going to influence rheumatology in the next 5 years?

Dr Scher: Let me be blunt here: Everything is about the microbiome now. It seems like every single disease will be caused by the microbiome, right? It is a hot topic in the same way that genome-wide association study was 10 years ago.

But the microbiome is only one piece of the puzzle. And the fact that they are depending on cow species probiotics to test will slow them down and give conflicting results as different labs show different effects in humans through testing non-human form probiotics. You, however, by coming to this website, know more truth than the scientists. Take it and use it.