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Journey to the Light

Being a second career physician starting medical school at the age of 37, Dr. Cheek already had some knowledge of natural healing.  When the professors at UTHSCSA would make comments like: “There is nothing to treat that” for problems when Dr. Cheek knew otherwise, she knew from the start that medical school education does not have all the answers.

The Good News: Healing Medicine at Your Fingertips
During Dr. Cheek’s acupuncture training, eight hours were spent in an introductory course on auricular therapy, a fascinating energy medicine.  After the session, most of the physicians in the course were asking themselves, “What in the world was he talking about?”  Dr. Cheek’s reaction was “if this is what I think it is, it is the best medicine known to man, and I have to know more about it”.  She was lucky enough to be a subject in one of the instructor’s demonstrations.  The first subject was a lady with a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up.  Her right elbow hurt, was swollen, and she couldn’t bend it.  After her session with the needles, she got up off the table, her pain was completely gone, and she had full range of motion of her elbow.  If Dr. Cheek hadn’t seen it for herself, she probably wouldn’t have believed it.  Dr. Cheek’s  treatment was for pain in the hip.   After four strategic needles were placed in her right ear, she got up from the table.  The pain was reduced to half immediately and over the next two days it went away entirely.

In order to learn more about auricular therapy she turned to a company called M.E.D. Servi-Systems (now Eastern Currents) which supplies auriculotherapy supplies.  Through M.E.D. Servi-Systems, she got a series of tapes on auricular therapy taught by Dr. Mikhael Adams, ND.  As Dr. Adams taught about auricular therapy, he also incorporated knowledge about a subject called “drainage”.  He explained the need to always do drainage in conjunction with the auricular therapy.  For remedies for drainage, he recommended Seroyal, the major company which Dr. Cheek now recommends.

An inteMikhael Adams, N.D.resting sidelight about Dr. Adams:  His appearance did not correspond to his age. At 51,  Dr. Adams didn’t look over 30.  You see, drainage (or cleansing which is the term used here) is as close to a fountain of youth as you can get.  Toxins make you age.  If you get rid of toxins, you maintain youthfulness, not only of the skin, but of all of your organs.  The human body has the biological capacity to live 150 years, as evidenced by biblical account.

The naturopathic philosophy is that if it is your spiritual purpose to heal, you will find the physician. The Hippocratic Oath states that the physician’s first job is to relieve suffering and “First do no harm”.  Since most allopathic medicine does harm by stopping the healing process, Dr. Cheek’s purpose in her practice was to teach the lifestyle changes that people needed to heal.  Incorporated into her practice in the past with fantastic results eliminating chronic diseases beyond her wildest dreams, she is now available to teach you how to eliminate your diseases, or prevent them from occurring.


Complete Transparency/The Bad News

Having seen the benefits of this program firsthand in even people who are limited in dietary resources and using a minimal cleansing program, Dr. Cheek thought that it would begin to bring about change in our health care system.  She expected kudos from the government for all the money she projected could be saved. Instead, they raided her office and charged her with insurance fraud, even though the alternative evaluations were not charged to insurance.  She is not the first alternative physician this has happened to, and won’t be the last.  Due to lack of financial resources and family responsibilities, after a two year battle, Dr. Cheek was finally forced to accept a plea agreement.

That wasn’t the end, however. The government continued to target Dr. Cheek. Because she could treat and heal the cause of pain, a large portion of her practice was people needing pain management while undergoing treatment. Another doctor helped during the time she could not prescribe controlled substances. But through prosecutorial misconduct, outrageous government conduct, and frank breaking of the law, the government brought charges against Dr. Cheek.  This time she went to court, but with an ineffective counsel, was found guilty of oxycodone distribution based on legitimate prescriptions for legitimate pain by a legitimate physician.

This marked the end of Dr. Cheek’s medical career.  In spite of her being able to treat individuals and eradicate their diseases, she is not being allowed to do so.  But in questioning God’s purpose in all this, she came to the realization that Jesus’s time on earth healing people was a mere three years. It is not her place to question God’s will. But even though the door of individual evaluation has been closed, another door has been opened. No longer fettered with physical belongings, house, office building (all confiscated by the government for $$$), she is now free to travel the country, teach, and further knowledge of how individuals can heal themselves.  You don’t need a physician to get started.  The program, once taught, is basic and easy to follow.  For deeper homeopathic cleansing, find a naturopathic physician in your area familiar with terrain homeopathy, or contact Seroyal for a referral.

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